Linux NDi Tools?

Is there a version of NDi Tools for linux?
Is there a way to use NDi Technology with Linux??

Hello @Sherab!

You ask whether there is a similar tool in Linux to some specific tool in another operating system (I assume, it’s Windows).
Why don’t you think a bit and describe what kind of functionality of this NDi tool do you need?

Perhaps there is a program in Linux, but the people who use it, don’t know the Windows equivalent. Possibly your program implements a lot of features and there is no proper replacement for all of them, but if there is something that implements exactly what you need (or even better), then you might be helped.

When you ask people for help or for advice, it is a matter of minimal common sense and courtesy to try to go as far in their direction as possible: Assume somebody comes from a country where the only usable public toilets are in shopping centres and is a tourist in another place, is alone and desperately needs a place to relieve herself.
It would be very unwise to go around and ask people for shopping centres. It would be much smarter to ask where she could find a clean loo, and the person asked could simply answer: There’s a public library around the corner, they have a loo which is always meticulously cleaned.


Thank you for the clarification.
I thought the question was clear but I can see your POV.
Should I write a new question or should I edit my original Q?

Just edit the original post and describe your issue as detailed as possible.


Avoid the XY Problem…

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It’s your choice what you find more suitable: Open a new topic or add it below.

You should not just edit your original question. You’re not the first person to ask a question in such a manner. I think, it is good to show people how not to ask.

I didn’t know, this had a name. Thank you! Learned something new today.

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I think we already can swim in examples of such types. No need for more. :laughing:

Thanks for posting this question
Got to admit that I did not know what this was… but do now

Network Device Interface

Not sure if this is what you are looking for and would agree with the other comments … we need more info to help.