Linux Noticeable slower

After the last update to Linux Mint, my laptop is noticeable slower. I am actually thinking of doing a Timeshift restore. Has anyone else experienced

Did you check out the Linux Mint forum if there are other people with this issue? If this is more common, many people will complain, as such a problem has a hugely negative effect on the user experience.

Not yet, but a very good idea. Thanks @Akito

I search Linux Mint Form, but no constructed answers. Using Htop, I find --replace taking over 90% of the CPU and sometimes 100%. If I kill --replace, the laptop goes back to normal and the CUP drops below 5%. Problems after the kill, the window background is gone (no big loss), but the task bar is gone and when I click on Home folder, the top part of the window is missing where you can close (‘x’) the window.

Sounds like an infinite recursion, i.e. it’s probably a bug.

Can you file a bug report or at least post on the official Linux Mint forum, so awareness can spread about this issue?

Don’t know how to find official bug report or how to file one, but will search.
May need to come back for help on this one. Thanks.

You could start asking for help in the forum and if enough people answer without giving a proper solution to your problem, you could ask for where to report the bug.
My short search for a bug report portal was unsuccessful.

Thanks again @Akito
I found Linux Mint bug report place and file a report.

Good start.

I suggest you fix the formatting in the issue, so it’s easier for the maintainers to read it. For example, no reader can see the screenshot you attached.

You probably should also fill all the requested information, like steps to reproduce, expected behaviour, etc. This way, the maintainers can help you quicker and easier, since they can understand the issue quicker that way.

After manually opening the screenshot, I noticed the cinnamon command is not shown fully. Can you provide a screenshot of the full command with all its arguments, etc.?

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