Linux OS Suggestion for the BEST Performance

Hello there!
I currently use Ubuntu on an HDD as dual-boot on my father’s office computer.
He said that he is going to get me an SSD.
Till now, I was not allowed to turn off secure-boot due to which was not able to try out arch-based distros.
But now, I will be able to install ANYTHING on that SSD.
It will be a 256GB SSD.

The Desktop Specs are actually really good for me:

I actually don’t care much about looks…
I want a distro that is just CLEAN [Not too much of decorations and all { simple }].
By simple I mean, simple in looks not regarding management because I like to use GUI + CLI too.
I am looking for one which gives me the BEST performance respective to the specs as I am a content creator and coder.

Thanks in advance!


Not sure what that means.
If you mean fast execution you can not go past Void Linux.
You have to do more by hand to install and configure Void, but it boots in about 1/3 the time of Debian and runs fast. Void is rolling release like Arch but it is more stable than Arch.

You can make any distro minimal by just installing the base system download ( some distros call it network install) and then just adding what you want. You can even leave it without a GUI if you want.


I would recommend Linux Mint XFCE as the XFCE Desktop is less resource hungry.

Yes, Xfce is less complex than Gnome or KDE.
I use Xfce with Void. They combine well.

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Searched up on the web for a loooong time.
Found out that Pop!_OS was there in many of the lists.

Tried it out and it actually is AMAZING



Give Debian 11.3 a look. Using LXDE it boots fast and clean.

Most any program you need is in the repository…

To search for an app. type apt search app-name . When you find what
you want type sudo apt install app-name

I installed it using the Debian Net Installer. Yes the initial build takes
time. Be patient. It is worth the wait. During install select the desktop
manager you want to use I.E. GNOME, LXDE, etc.


Can we select multiple DE’s in Debain,
Because installing it later causes conflicts…


Personally I have not. Yes, conflicts can occur because of overlaps in loaded files.

No… only in Fedora
@UnixGuy is right. They conflict if you load two de packages