Linux services tutorial

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just wanted to let you know I stumbled over a (in my opinion) very good article dealing with Linux services.

Surely most of you know all of that stuff already but there may still be some newbies around who´d like to have a concise summary of that rather crucial topic. :wink:

The article is dealing with:

  • systemd
  • systemctl
  • networkctl
  • resolvectl
  • hostnamectl
  • journalctl
  • loginctl
  • systemd-analyze
  • systemd-path
  • systemd-cat

Of course there are other very good tutorials to be found on the net but I think this is just a great summary and indeed can teach a lot.

The article can be found here:

Well, it´s in German (“Systemd: So kontrollieren Sie Linux-Dienste”) = “Systemd: How to control Linux services”


(for firefox users) just install the add-on “TranslateLocally for Firefox”.

TranslateLocally brings state-of-the-art machine translation to your own, private device. Unlike other translators, > it does not rely on the cloud.
Your text never leaves your device. And it also works just as fast when you have a bad or no connection to the internet.

Without further ado you can display the page in English and it can be used quite effectively, I think. :+1:

Perhaps this hint may prove to be helpful to somebody…

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Thanks Rosika!
Merry Christmas and season’s greetings to you too.
I’ve been happy using the Vivaldi browser and it apparently offered to translate automatically. For whatever that’s worth…

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I didn´t know about that particular feature in Vivaldi. Good to know.

What I like about translatelocally is that it doesn´t need any online resources and does all of the translation locally indeed. :wink:

Many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

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