Linux & SSDs/Over-Provisioning

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I’m going to replace my current HDD by a faster SSD (2TB), create a boot partition (1GB) and an LVM partition (home: 30GB, music: 1TB, videos: 10GB, timeshift: 60GB).

I believe I should keep some space reserved for Over-Provisioning. How am I supposed to do that ? Can I use the tune2fs option to set reserved blocks for the superuser for the boot partition and each LV (-m) ? How much space is that ?

Use gparted from a usb stick to partition the ssd.
There will already be a certain amount of vendor configured overprovisioning.
If you want room for further user configured overprovisioning, just leave some of the space free. My understanding is that the system will use free space if it needs it, I dont think you have to do anything special, other than leave some space. I dont think it matters where the free space is, but I would put it at the beginning of the disk.


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This on a laptop, yeah.

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Thank you.

Yes, this is on a laptop.


Apparently there’s already 7% overprosioning configured on Samsung SSDs indeed. Does this sound enough to you ?

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Do you have a back-up plan ready to go after install/update/reboot x2/get software !
Best to an Ext HD/SSD

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Yes, I back up my data and dotfiles to an external HDD with rsync every day

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I really do not know .
7 percent of 2Tb is quite a slab of space

Indeed ! I think I’ll just stick with the default overprovisioning. Thanks a lot @nevj and @artytux !

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