Linux Tablet option

Spotted this just now - on Star Labs reveal their new StarLite, a Surface-like Linux tablet | GamingOnLinux :
StarLite 12.5-inch – Star Labs®

Sub US $1000 tablet with Intel / AMD CPU… default with 16 GB RAM…

I can tell you I’m tempted… even optioning it for 1 TB SSD (which I’d probably go for) it’s still under $1000 USD! no mention of a pen / stylus - if it was part of the deal - I reckon I’d have signed on the dotted line by now…


I too saw the Star Labs tablet today… good to have another option … even though this one too is expensive


For a minute, I got excited. It’s a few bucks less than what I just paid for the Yoga 6. But like you said @daniel.m.tripp no mention of pen/stylus or I would definitely return the Yoga and get this. But I couldn’t find the AMD option, only Intel.


I saw this discussion on reddit and mentioned the no pen support and I guess someone contacted them and reported back today:

Thank you for your interest and question regarding the StarLite 5.
The touchscreen does support a pen/stylus which would be an Active 
capacitive pen type. This would need to comply with MPP 2.0 or WGP.

Now I’m gonna have to research before deciding to keep my Yoga 6. ::


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Interesting - done a fair amount of research into this kinda thing - but it’s been so long, I can’t remember exactly what an “active” capacitive pen type…

I think I have something like that already maybe? Adonit Jot (I have two) - they’re powered (recharge via USB), but they’re not “wacom” style - and they work with non pen aware touch platforms. There’s a bit of lag with them too (I sometimes draw with the Jot on my Android 10 Galaxy S9+) - and this makes them next to useless - because when you’re drawing - the LAST thing you want is “lag” - and there’s also a tiny bit of an offset (and no option to calibrate) which is also a huge showstopper for drawing - it might be okay for handwriting…

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Actually - no - I don’t think my Adonit Jot stylii are either MPP or WGP (I just read somewhere that WGP is a subset of AES - but I’m still confused…

Everything I’ve just read states none of these are as good as Apple Pencil on iPad (have an iPad pro and iPad mini, and a Pencil [generation 1])…

I found that Samsung tablets (and Note series phones), with Wacom “tech” were as good as iPad with Pencil anyway… The first gen of MS Surface used Wacom, but they dropped it for the likes of Surface Pro 3 onwards… The only let down with using Samsung tablets was Samsung itself - worst IT / software I’ve ever had the misfortune to use… I had a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 - but it got stuck in a boot loop and I had to reset to factory just to get it to stop rebooting (and LOST ALL MY DATA!).

Yeah, in my search for the pen that would work with Yoga 6 I discovered the different types. The active capacitive is the norm and would not work on the Yoga and it had skips/lags, so just used on the Kindle Fire HD if I had to jot a note. The MPP of course MS and is what I had that worked with Surface. As for WGP, not sure if that is Wacom as I didn’t run across that term, but Wacom supposedly works on my new tablet, but poor reviews, so I didn’t even bother.

As I stated last time, I went on the site and began building the tablet I would want, but did not see any AMD options and I am loving this AMD on the Yoga. So maybe I will contact support and ask about that.

Will keep you posted

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