Linux to get kernel 'lockdown' feature

"Linus Torvalds approved on Saturday a new security feature for the Linux kernel, named “lockdown. The new feature will ship as a LSM (Linux Security Module) in the soon-to-be-released Linux kernel 5.4 branch”

If interested, you can read more about it at …


Thanks for sharing this Howard

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I think that’s a handy feature. It will probably become illegal to use in America though? NSA has banned encryption software and ‘stolen’ it from developers in the past (1990’s)

this definitely seems like a step in the right direction with all of the exploits that have been in the news this year. i was wondering if it would affect performance in any way and saw this:

“Applications that rely on low-level access to either hardware or the kernel may cease working as a result - therefore this should not be enabled without appropriate evaluation beforehand.”

though i could imagine that would be much more about serious power users/system administrators rather than the usual desktop user.

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