Linux values .... old link but I like it

It is rather strange that competition and cooperation can
operate together, but that is what he is saying.
Is it really like that?


Hi Neville,
Thanks for sharing the link.
Yes and I believe that this way of thinking doesn’t only apply to Linux



Hi Jorge,
It is the same way that academic research functions…
competitive but open publication and sharing of results.

Both Linux and BSD arose in academic environments, so it is not surprising that they inherited some aspects of academic
openness and freedom.

It might be noted that industrial research is different… it is a world of secrets, patents, copyrights, … It has the competitiveness, but not the sharing.
Commercial operating systems tend to be the same… low on sharing.

So, if you appreciate using Linux or BSD, you are appreciating
at least some aspects of an academic environment.

True or false?


Hi Neville,
Completely true!
But my sincere and personal opinion is not due to the companies themselves, but to something more basic, of the human being.
I don’t want to hurt the feelings of anyone with my opinion, on the contrary, and this is a simple example about my opinion: I’m on this forum, i.e., this “micro-society”, because I believe that all users share the same opinion about sharing, and it’s not because of Linux, it’s because of the people.

Couldn’t industrial research be similar to academic research, promoting sharing?
I think so.

Of course companies have to make a profit, I’ve never said the opposite, but isn’t there a way for them to make a profit?
I believe there is.

Instead of reading “Linux values”, I read “Human values”

Sorry for all this philosophy, but Linux is changing the way I think :wink:



Hi Jorge,
Of course it could. There must be examples of it working?
They have to have a business model , but I believe it could work without secrecy. Pharmaceutical industry seems to have a model where the inventor is protected for a while, but the it
goes open.

Yes, it is ultimately what we (collectively) value that will prevail.


Perhaps the title should have been
“Linux Community Values”
Thank you @Tech_JA for pointing that out… people have values, not institutions

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Thanks for sharing this

Love the words together

Competition. Cooperation. Opportunity

Think linux users all share this ideal especially cooperation, this site is a great example