Liquidctl, any luck?

Running dual boot, Ubuntu / Windows. Intel CPU, Asus MB with UEFI Bios and Grub bootloader. Windows for gaming, Ubuntu for serious work. All software running fine and dandy.
After change of MB and CPU I heard a noticeable humming from the computer when running Ubuntu only. Found out that the CPU cooling pump was running full rpm/capacity all the time. Gives me the jitters.
Looked up on the Wondrous World Wide Web of Wonders and found “liquidctl” which seemed to suit my needs just fine, looked easy and idiot proof enough and wasn’t it just right there on the Snap Store, Great!
Or maybe not, there was some notes of dissent in Ubuntu store even if youtube and the web was full of praise so I gave it a shot - and disappointment. Was supposed to find power supply, Memory, CPU, Cooling pump, etc but found the “aura” LED control - maybe the only component I care absolutely the least about.
Anyone out there with experience with liquidctl?
How to find/download without using Snap, maybe?
Would be nice to run Ubuntu without the Cooling pump howling under the hood

There might be a setting in the BIOS to manage cooling.


Not only might be, but full tweak control! The pump was set to “Turbo” mode and was clearly trying as hard as it could by what I could hear.
Set everything to “Standard” and all is quiet, both inside the cabinet and my mind :slight_smile:
By what I could see don’t even need liquidctl, it’s all taken care of by the BIOS settings. Learning every day :slight_smile:
Thank You, nevj, easy solution is usually the best solution :ok_hand:
Until next


Thats great,
Its your topic, would you like to mark that as a solution?

Oh yes, done marked as solution :slight_smile:
Thank you again.

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you should check out some of the stuff in lmsensors - it’s the primary instrumentation backend that linux talks to - e.g. conky has a bunch of stuff that can show you stuff that lmsensors is reporting…

But don’t ask me - I don’t really care about any of that stuff… I want less moving parts in my PC (a water cooling system still has moving parts)…

Recently cleaned out and re-routed all the cabling in my PC 'cause it would start rattling when under load (i.e. games, in Steam)… Problem solved…

I like to game but water cooling would be overkill…

Anyone hear the old school anecdote from an old school computer operator, who decided to use the outlet vent from a mainframe coolant for his coffee, instead of the lukewarm stuff in the office kitchenette?

I heard it - maybe once, about 25 years ago… it was funny then… still funny I reckon…

What’s the world coming too? I’ve had about 10 or more motorcycles in my life, ALL were aircooled, the day I can only get a liquid cooled motorcycle, is the day I get an e-motorcycle :smiley:

Note: my Harley is “in the shed” getting mended (with an ever mounting bill of materials), it’s going on the market soon as it’s done, and I now get my two-wheel fun on e-scooters :smiley:

To be honest - when I watched the latest Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman motorcycling adventure - “Long Way Up” (from Punta Arenas in Chile, to California) - I got a deep hankering for one them new-fangled Electric Harleys - until I saw the price! WTF? $50K ?

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I cleaned my son’s 4 year old gaming computer. Made one hell of a racket. The builder had connected the fans directly to PSU running full blast. It had a Corsair 100 something watercooler, quiet as a mouse but the processor read up to Deg 90 C running. The Midi-tower had been standing on the floor and when I dismantled the fan/radiator it was smack full of dust. I sat with a anti-stat wristband and a vacuum-cleaner brush to open vents and clean fans and passages. Dust had even collected as a mat behind the MB(!). It was after that I decided I wanted a Corsair 100 something watercooler on my build, the CPU temp decreased to 45 Deg C peaking 60 transients after cleaning - Now quiet as a church mouse not leaking one drop (and fans re-connected to the MB).
And Harleys, yes :). That’s why I have three softails 87 through 93 with papers available plus two spare evo engines. Want to be sure I have something to ride until I die, even though i like to tinker more than riding which is just fine when you own an old HD.

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True story about csiro Cyber 76. in 1970’s
Chief walked into computer room one day , saw the temperature going thru the roof, and immediately hit the kill switch.
Turned out the freon cooling system had a water cooling tower. A plumber had come in to fix a cistern in the toilet, and turned the water off.
After that they got an independent water supply approved.