LMDE 32 bit version vs Mate

There is a lot of processor work in updates. That atom processor is not fast. Just take your time.
I have an old 32 bit Pentium laptop. Currently running Void and Antix. There are still plenty of 32 bit options. I have Xfce in that.
Cinnamon is not much different is size from Mate. It should perform just as well, as long as you can get to like it.

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Just a few things at first look did not like
Against the menu you have log out, lock and stop, prefer just one button. But to change is not easy switch off involves editing the system… Several have made that comment.
Also favourite appear on menu instead of desperate block as on mate.
Personal choices of course.
On same ideas don’t like the new windows 11 menu idea a poor copy of mac

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If you are up to a challenge, put Gentoo on some of your 32bit boxes.


Thanks for the suggestion but too much like hard work

Not really, just time consuming!!!