LMDE 6 - "unusual behavior?"

As a recent LMDE 6 user, I noticed something that never occurred in my previous uses of Linux Mint 20, 21, and LMDE 5.

When I Download something, the pop-up screen appears asking for a location, but the theme of the popup changes and looks like an older version of Windows. I use a Dark theme and the Download screen is Light, a different Font, and Font size.

It’s a little disorienting because it sticks out like a sore thumb.

I’m not sure where to start my trouble-shooting. Any suggestions welcome.


Possible to share a screenshot of the event?

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The image below is the normal look that I expect.

Here is what theDownload screen(Upload as well, I just noticed posting these pics) looks like now.

It appears that the Upload/Download screens are outside of the current theme settings.

Ah! Now I understand. It happens for some tools (specially Python ones) the upload or save option window looks extremely dated.

I never paid attention to it. I think it’s because the application uses some libraries that open some other file explorer instead of the one provided by the desktop environment.


So there is nothing I can do to force it into theme compliance?

Unfortunately, nope. As far as I know, the end user cannot do anything here.

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Maybe does it use Qt (PyQt?), while the rest of the desktop uses GTK?
Do you have Qt5 setting on the control panel?
Try change on the first tab:
Style: fusion

Palette: custom, color scheme “darker”.

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Thanks for the advice. I implemented your suggestion(w/o a restart) and it had no effect.

I appreciate the suggestion. I have never opened the Qt5 settings before and I was shocked at all of the things to play with in there.

Thank you for expanding my Linux knowledge.


I think this problem was actually caused by a bugged Brave-browser(flatpak) found on the Software Manager. Once I replaced it the problem in this thread went away, and more importantly the other problem - thread “Downloads default pathway seems to be a root folder” - went away as well. Downloads default pathway seems to be a root folder - #21 by nevj

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