Locate files in a M3U playlist

I recently changed from Media Monkey in Windows to Strawberry/Clementine in Linux
Strawberry was able to import my playlists in m3u but since I’m using a new hard drive I can only see the name of the songs on the playlist.

Does anyone know of a program that will locate the files/music on the playlist?
Or another solution?
The only thing that changed is the drive, the folders are in the same location.
Media Monkey has a locate file feature but Media Monkey doesn’t run in Linux and it stops working when I tried Vine


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Not sure, how Fearless you are of scripting, but if you are familiar with Bash or Powershell, you should be able to solve this problem easily. To get you started, I begin with a couple of links explaining background information, as well as people attempting to fix a situation similar to yours.

The last link even shows a Powershell script, changing the paths in an M3U file. If you are familiar with scripting, you should be able to get along.

If you want to write a script and need help, then we will help you with that.

If you don’t want to write a script yourself, then you could try finding a ready-made script somewhere on Github or wherever. Or maybe even use that Powershell script.


Thanks for the thorough answer.
I’m not familiar with scripting and very basic knowledge on Linux and using terminal.
I tried to run the first program on terminal but nothing happened.
So any suggestions on what would be the easiest way to change the path would be really appreciate it.
I’m guessing it would be the last link but as I said I have no knowlege on scripts.
Thanks in advance

Does anyone have the link for a video on how to change the path on a m3u playlist? thanks

How exactly did you try to run the program?

Could you please upload and share the .m3u file you are trying to use?

I downloaded and unzipped the zip file. Then I chose to run the .relm3u right clicking on it
Then I ran this on terminal with my paths and file names ./relm3u “/home/Username/Media/MUSIC/2019*.m3u”

I’m guessing modifying the playlists is not hard at all for you. Would you be willing to do this for me with my playlists?
I can donate or pay for it, thanks
I’m attaching one of the playlists

Well, I don’t know how to attach files here…

Would anyone be willing to take on this little project?
I can send you the playlists that need a new path.

Could you please upload the file there?

Then tell me, what paths you need and I’ll take care of it.

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