Locked out, password(s) not being accepted

After installing Ulyssa I changed the location of my home directory. I don’t think I made a mistake…but I have locked myself out. None of the user passwords are being accepted. Is the only solution a new install?

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If you know the root password, you may try getting into the emergency shell.

Here is a detailed explanation of what you have to do:


Good morning Akito,

The root password is not forgotten, I used it many times after the fresh install. I am assuming that I have an error in fstab. I backed it up before changing it but that has been of no help either.

Ute, I’m sorry, but it seems, I don’t really understand what exactly is wrong.

What do you mean by “changed the location of the home directory”? Do you mean, you moved it to another physical location, another disk?

What do you mean exactly by locked yourself out? The system still accepts your password but then stalls? Perhaps you get messages like $HOME not found?

Do you still have access to a terminal? Are there error messages at boot time?

Most things can be fixed. The question is only: Will it take more time than starting new? Give us as much information as you can and between all of us, we can try to find a way out.

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As @Mina wrote, it would be nice to know what you actually did with your /home.
However, I suspect something.
If you, @Ute, act in your home folder as root, copy files, touch files, you may loose those files ownership, and root becomes the owner of those files.
If only just ~/.Xauthority gets into root’s ownership, it will make impossible to login from the greater screen.
So if you can login as root, and cd /home an see there if you have you home folder, try changing it’s ownerhip.
For example:
cd /home
chown ute:ute ute -R
Of course this assumes that your login name is “ute” and your primary group is “ute” as well.
The syntax would be:
chown username:groupname foldername -R

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Hi Mina,

Yes I moved my home directory to another disk. I always do that so that I have more room on my SSD. What I meant with “being locked out” was that it was impossible for me to log into my system. There were 3 users, two with passwords and one without a password. With none of them could I log into my system. That has happened to me once before and it was because I had an error in FSTAB. I guess this time I messed it up as well. I did a fresh installation and didn’t change $Home…

P.s. I added you on world twice…perhaps your IMs are being capped?