Login Issues in Deepin 20.5 debian based distro, Help!


Can someone help me plz with the Login issue I’m fronting…

After installing Deepin 20.5 I logged in normally. But when I restarted the PC a box saying welcome asking for logging in has a debian logo on it.

I don’t know what to write on login space,

I tried using my username then on password box set my password, nth works… :pensive::pensive:

I difficultly login to my PC, I used to login when system login box appears, but this debian box makes it tough :cry::sob:

When you did the install did you make a user and set a user password?
If not you may only have a root user.
Try logging in as root.

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as usual I created an account and used the password, I did nothing additional !

Is there an error message after trying to log in?
Some clue if password or username is incorrect?
Did you use upper/lowercase letters?
Did you use special characters in your password at setup?
Maybe some that are not there at the time of logging in?
(e.g. I faced once an issue with an encrypted Mint, where I set my initial password with german keyboard set, but after rebooting the y and z were switched (as in english keyboard settings), took me a while to realize…)

Maybe you could boot up a live system, mount your harddisk and look up your username in /home


I actually didn’t make a complicated pass… it was just 3 numbers nth more, and the same for username of 2 letters as u see in the pic above.
anyway I reinstalled the sys as the only quick solution left for me

Sometime ago had the same thing happen with Ubuntu Mate in VirtualBox. I used my normal password and no it would not except it. So reinstalled and used simpler password, then changed it back to my normal Password and it excepted it, after updating it of course. Linux can sometimes be a pain, like any other operating system in the world.

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No need to reinstall. There is a method for recovering if you lose th3 password


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