Looking for advice on formatting microSD to FAT32

There are a couple of tools for Windows that enable FAT32 formatting of large *SD cards (32GB and more). I know, you can manually do it on Linux, though it is quite a cumbersome process if you are not familiar with Linux.
Does anyone know a tool like FAT32 formatter or guiformat64, but for Linux? These programs are super easy to operate and I would like to get my hands on one such easy to use program for Linux, if there is one.

P.S.: exFAT is not an alternative, it has to be FAT32.

i figured you were probably looking for something even easier than gparted based on what i could see of guiformat64 thumbnails in a quick search and i did read in your earlier post that you don’t use mint, but remembered seeing something vaguely similar when poking around in a mint 19 vm. there is a utility/program called usb stick formatter which shows fat32 as an option. i don’t have an actual install to see if it will address sd cards and it doesn’t seem virt-manager has sd card passthrough (or i just haven’t figure out how to use it/found it yet).

even if so, as you don’t use mint i’m not sure if it would be portable at all. the desktop file points to a program called mintstick so it wouldn’t appear to be a generic ubuntu/debian package.

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Have you tried

 apt-get install dosfstools

I’ve read about it after my original post and this is the closest I could find, that fits what I am looking for. However, it doesn’t feature a GUI. I wonder if there is one, possibly a 3rd party GUI.

I’ve not done this, but it appears that Gparted LIve, in conjunction with dosfstools installed, will do it.

gparted 0.30.0 (at least the package available for ubuntu 18.04 and derivatives) does fat32 out of the box.


Akito-Try this one, please:usbstickformatter

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you don’t say what it is or where to find it :slight_smile:

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I guess it’s this thing:

Apparently it’s mintstick.

i do believe it is so.

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Hey Guys-You already have it. It works nicely