Looking for alternatives to Distrowatch

With Distrowatch “ditching” NitruxOS with an obtuse (if not belligerent) attitude at not making necessary corrections to their profile, let alone apologize for their lack of truthful reporting, i would like to find a decent alternative to their Linux classification and reporting.

https://news.itsfoss.com/ is probably a good start ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for that info, no idea on a replacement I try to read distrowatch each week for info and did think they were impartial … perhaps not

Never liked Distro-Watch, as their analytics are all wrong, based only on their website with the number one Distro of the month or week, year even, on how many views it had on their website. (Words of the day Their and Website.) Unless you know the name of the Distro you’re after, then obviously go to the Distro you’re after website. You could go to the Wikipedia Linux This should give you links to all the Linux Distros out there at the moment, plus a read up of them.

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Here some alternatives:

Lets add some from the BSD world