Looking For an Ad-Free News App with Custom News Sources?

Hi Geeks :wink:,

I made an Android app named Divulge using NEWS-API and Django backend with APS schedule to run the API and fetch data at intervals of 40 Mins.
The App is Ad-Free & Straight Forward.
I need inputs about the App and how it can be made better…
Click on the Link
to get the App.


any chance of seeing this as an F-Droid release?

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Sure… how to do it?

mind you, i have not done so myself. i just like the f-droid ethos and mission statement vs the joy that is google :slight_smile: this page lists a couple different ways under the “Submit Applications” heading:


Sure will take a look

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I Installed this and Sophos security threw up several warnings, some quite worrying. I uninstalled it straight away.


I cannot believe you actually use Antivirus over a phone :sweat_smile: , Please check the App out once before you uninstall… It will mean a lot for Developers like me. I swear 0 Phishing and 0 Advertisements… Do check it!!

not exactly inspiring :confused:

not exactly inspiring :confused:

In the sense?

in the sense that the antivirus and any end user’s personal app preferences aren’t the point of the post. you asked for input and received it, but chose to disregard it almost entirely. as person interested in foss because of its community (like this one) nature and the idea that supporting each other is a way we can all grow, i don’t see how that answer furthers your cause. beyond that, i can’t imagine how someone else who happens to wander into this thread will look at that answer and think “oh, sure, i want to help this person out.”


Oho… My bad. Sorry… Will See what I can do about the Problem.

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I have to agree with you here - I was thinking exactly the same thing reading through it.

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