Looking for Linux software for copying everything from one phone to another

I’m running both Manjaro KDE and ArcoLinuxB with KDE and would like to know if there is a program for Linux that will allow me to completely clone a old phone to a new phone? The old phone is a Moto G(7) Power and the new phone is a Moto One 5g Ace.

If you truly mean “clone” as in “cloning” everything bit by bit, then no, that will never work without almost certainly bricking the target device.

Now, even if you don’t do a bit by bit clone, but clone almost everything with small adjustments, then it shouldn’t work either.

The only reasonable and safe method for transitioning to a new phone is to use classic backups for each app, etc. and then restore those backups the official way on the target phone. Everything else is not as safe and usually not recommended.

There are ways to make a huge full backup of the whole device, but this only helps, if you want to restore the backup to precisely the same device. Not only the same model, but precisely the device the backup was taken from.
You cannot restore such a backup to a different device or even different model. That’s not how phones work. Smartphones are pretty shitty, actually.

I would recommend taking this transition as an opportunity to re-evaluate your smartphone usage. You probably shouldn’t transfer all apps and probably shouldn’t mess up your new phone the same way you messed up your old phone.
For example, if you used social media, like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on the old device, you should consider not installing those apps and not using those services, anymore.
It’s a good time to improve life, when phones are changed.


Thanks but not thanks to the unsolicited advice. While I appreciate most of your post the last section should of never been posted.

Well, not sure what’s supposed to be wrong with that. I did pretty much think that to myself, because I think it’s good advice and not in any way “negative”. If you don’t agree with that, that’s fine, but you cannot say “the last section should [have] never been posted”, because I can post whatever I feel like posting.


You assumed I’m switching phones cause my current phone is messed up. ASSuming only make an ass out of you.

Well. What a pity to see such childish behaviour. I just wanted to help and gave my honest advise, which I gave to myself, too

Have fun finding people who want to help you with your attitude. I won’t waste anymore time on a child.


To the OP. Yes, there is. However, I do not wish to get my hand bitten off as Akito did.

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It’s an android phone, you likely have a gmail account, right? Go into settings and set up a backup to Google Drive for the Moto G(7) Power. Then restore the backup to the Moto One 5g Ace. That is the simplest way.