Lubuntu 18.04lts to 20.04 lts


Lubuntu 18.04lts deos not upgrade to 20.04 lts. Is it because I have an old computer i386 32bit with LXDE desktop environment along with other desktop environments? Can someone respond to my query please



You cannot upgrade from Lubuntu 18.04 because Lubuntu 20.04 LTS features LXQt desktop instead of LXDE.

So, it is recommended to have a backup of your data and go for a fresh installation.

In case you want, you can follow our review on Lubuntu 20.04 LTS to get a better idea.

You have 32-bit that’s the main reason why you cannot upgrade Lubuntu 18.04 to Lubuntu 20.04.

There is no scope for a 32-bit system in Ubuntu 20.04 series.


Greetings to both of you,

Excuse me for disturbing with my questions. Since Linux has several distros is Lubuntu the only distro that is effected with the decision for not support i386 (32bit) machines. The reason I am asking this is because I have a USB live disk with Xubuntu 14.04 Lts. Although this is an older version but could be agraded. as I upgraded my laptop that had Lubuntu 18.04 Lts and crashed it because the decision not to support i386 machines. Kindly let me know as I do not want to compremise the functionality of Windows XP Pro that is partioned with it. Also, and if that the other distros are not effected by Lubuntus not supporting i386 (32bit) machines will I be able to keep Windows XP as I download and install Xubuntu 14.04lts fro my USB stick. Once again I thank you for your prompt replies.


Don’t use such an old version. Always (if not otherwise necessary) use the current stable version of the OS you want to use. If Ubuntu currently does not offer 32-bit options, then Ubuntu is not the right choice. If 18.04 is still supporting 32-bit, you can stay with it until the year 2028. If you want to change to a different OS, then pick one that still supports the i386 architecture to this day, like e.g. Debian.

My favourite DE is XFCE - but I don’t use it* - 'cause Ubuntu Gnome is just so “de rigeur” these days - but for 32 bit machines I’d always plug Xubuntu, mainly 'cause I love XFCE (and really can’t stand LXDE)…

I’m pretty much 100% sure you can get ISO’s for later Xubuntu releases for i386/i686 arch…

*I still use XFCE on my NTC PocketCHIP :smiley: :heart_eyes: (but also my RPi4 has XFCE desktop, but I mostly use it headless)

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Thank you for you’re suggestion and insight. I do have Xubuntu 18.04 Lts with XFCE desktop environment with it. I was lucky enough to find an old USB stick with a live Xubuntu 14.04 Lts which I was able to download and install. Eventually, Xubuntu detected that it was an old version began installing all the versions until 18.04lts. I am waiting to see if Xubuntu WIIL again detect that 18.04lts is an old version and download 20.04lts. My worry is if it detects and begin to download that it might crash my laptop as it did initially. I have noticed some popular Linux distros such as Lubuntu which I still have on my i386 32bit desktop partitioned along Windows XP Pro which I think that it was one of the most efficient OS that Microsoft has produced-- are no longer supporting older computers. Lubuntu, according to their website will stop supporting on April 2021 so I good until that date after that… I am also afraid to fresh install any Linux distros that support older computers because of crashing or losing Windows XP altogether which I still use. It is, in my opinion wait and see situation .