Lumina Desktop: the ISO

As part of my recent look at the Lumina Desktop in Void Linux, I decided to try to make a live-ISO file. I thought this might be of interest to someone who would like to look at Lumina and/or Void, but was wary of attempting an install.

@akito warned me - it would not be easy. Well he was right. It took about 2 weeks to learn how to make bootable ISO files.

I have it now - Void Linux with Lumina Desktop as a live distribution on a bootable ISO file. It will boot with either efi or legacy, and it will work on either a DVD or a USB drive.

Now the big problem. It is too big ( 4Gb) to put on Github. So a question…
Is anyone aware of a site where I could upload a 4Gb iso file?
It would need to be public download access, no encryption, and would need to persist for say a month.

Any ideas please?


Source Forge is good for ISO’s mainly where a lot of Linux Distro makers like Feren OS for instance keep their OSES.

Thanks Mark.
That might be the right place

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Was about to say that!

Source Forge is more or less being abused for large files. Which is good. The UI of the website is terrible, the functionality is horrible and this website already has had bad press due to shady marketing tactics, if I remember correctly.

Source Forge is a dump for open source binary blobs and that’s great & convenient.


Yes especially when you are after an ISO that only has one mirror to download from and it’s in Tibet, taking days upon days to download, then it finally downloads only to say Download failed.

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