Magnetic charging cable for smartphone

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I was wondering what you might think of a magnetic cable used for charging:thinking:

My smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy A04s and I have put it into a MIKULLE wallet case ( ).
That´s fine with me and I like it a lot. :blush:

For charging we already discussed limiting the maximum charging level on Shutting down an app in android .

That´s also great and I have found a solution which gives me spoken text-messages when a certain pre-defined charging level is reached (automation app).

Yet I need to be able the carry the phone around (if need be) and thus cannot leave it attached to the charging cable all the time.
So what I was looking for is a simple way of attaching and detaching the cable without stressing the usb c port on the phone too much.

So I found magnetic charging cables like this one:

If I understood it correctly, the advantage would be that you could insert the adapter piece into the charging socket (USB-C) of the phone and the cable itself could be quickly and easily plugged in and unplugged using magnetism.
The adaptor piece can stay attached to the phone at all times (which is the real benefit of this method). :+1:

That sounds good. What do you think of this solution :question:

There are people saying that the cable connects to the adaptor with a lot of “sudden force” due to the magnetism and thus the adaptor would receive serious physical hits. That wouldn´t be good as the charging port could detach itself from the circuit board:thinking:

I don´t know whether this is true at all. Even if so: Wouldn´t it be possible to connect the cable to the adaptor “gently” with a bit of counter-force by my hand :question:

I´m very interested to learn what you might think of the matter.

Many thanks and many greetings from Rosika :slightly_smiling_face:

I got one once (magnetic charger) - tried it for 10 minutes - didn’t like it - and it was a PITA to get out of the phone - i.e. the bit with the USB C doohicky on it that the magnetic cable plugs into…

I can see the utility with micro USB “B” - which I’ve had issues with (wear and tear)…

Been using USB C devices for 3-4 years now and NEVER had an issue with wear on the connectors… For my money USB C is a VAST improvement on everything that came before…

My 2nd hand (e-bay) Galaxy S9+ goes on the charger EVERY night, and mostly during the day (night time next to my bed, day time hooked up to a computer - or sometimes at work DeX to a portable 15" monitor)… One thing that’s a PITA with my S9+ - it allegedly supports wireless charging, but only with the wallet case OFF - and - it’s very unreliable, I have a powerbank next to my bed that supports wireless charging, but I’ve left my phone out of the wallet case on the wireless charging pad, and the next morning hasn’t fully charged! WTF? Next time I get a phone (my S9+ is already EOL - WTF samsung?) I’ll make sure to get a wireless charging compatible wallet case (that’s another thing - I can’t imaging NOT having my phone case also holding all my cards too).

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iPhones have built-in cordless charging (that’s what you mean by magnetic charging, right?) It’s about the only worthwhile thing about Apple phones. My Motorola has two days battery life and a USB C connector. Overnight charge, every other day. Simple. The wallet case might not fit in my golf shorts–the golf gps app is the only important function of my phone and it works when I invoke the Do Not Disturb program on the first tee.

Spoke before I checked Rosika’s links–the magnetic charging cable is pretty innovative and might be worth a try. The advent of USB C eliminates most accidental damage and misalignment, but the speedier charging rate could be useful. I’ll be quiet now.


Hi all, :wave:

Thanks for your replies.


Well, that sounds good.
Perhaps I won´t need a magnetic charging cable after all.
I was just wondering whether these physical hits the adaptor would receive when connecting the cable to it are really a thing…
…and if they could be avoided if the connection is done with a bit of care… :thinking:

Well, I guess only practise will tell.

Many thanks, Dan.


No problem, Bill. I´m grateful for any input.

Yes, I think I might want to try it after all…

Many greetings to all of you :slightly_smiling_face:

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[quote=“daniel.m.tripp, post:2, topic:10021”]
Been using USB C devices for 3-4 years now and NEVER had an issue with wear on the connectors… For my money USB C is a VAST improvement on everything that came before…

The EU through its parliament has decided to impose only USB-C chargers ,to reduce electronic waste ,due to the vast number of chargers being dumped ( quote : 15000 tons every year) . Also Apple will be forced to provide USB-C connections instead of their “Lightning type”
USB -C is symmetric hence the connector can be put in both ways

Frank (Wicklowham)