Manjaro-Deepin Distro

Hi There, I want to know whether Manjaro-Deepin is a Debian based. bcs I’m using Deepin 20.5. If it’s the case, I’ll try to install it to try the new flavour…
Plz If you have any info abt that subject, advice, … share it with me
Thanks for your help

It’s Manjaro so it’s Arch based.


Well, I thought about that possibility too, But When I saw Deepin Included, I asked looking for a certain answer

I think the only Deepin part is the Desktop Environment. Underneath it is all Arch. So the repository would still be Arch.


For those that don’t know:

You find a good overview over Linux dsitributions here:


Thanks for the useful link !

Any Arch based distros having Deepin Desktop including Manjaro will not be stable (until Deepin Team releases fresh pkgs asap Plasms releases) because of the frequent update of the package ‘deepin-kwin’ depends upon plasma’s ‘kwin’.

The pkg, deepin-kwin, is not as frequent as kwin.

So, when you update the entire system in any arch based, it might not work as earlier.