Markdown Tables with Math

Hoping someone knows if this is even possible, but am learning Markdown and currently using it in Obsidian.

Is there a way to use the “fill series” formula like in LO Calc where you use the “+” symbol to drag down the rows and add to a number? I am trying to get dates in a table to increase by one day vertically down the column. I have not found discussion on this particular formula in tables for markdown.

I am able to paste a worksheet from Calc with this formula in use, but it does not apply the formula to the table in markdown as it does not continue when I add rows.

Additionally, I am uncertain if you name a table or use an anchor link to the header row of this date column to write the formula at the end of the table. I thought I could use an anchor link to the header cell of the DATE column, reference the first cell with a date and place +1 after it, then put the result in the next cell underneath. But that did not work.

Sheila Flanagan

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I am not really familiar with Obsidian, but from what I know, I’d say:

Markdown is a static formatting language (like HTML), and as such, does not include active elements that will do something on their own.

But: Obsidian, as many open source programs, has the possibility to write plugins. I guess, it is possible to write a plugin with a functionality as you’d like. Still: I estimate the complexity of such an endeavour to be rather high.


Thanks @Mina. I could look into writing a plugin, but feel it is way beyond my expertise. I just thought after reading how to place formulas like @sum below the table and get results in a specific cell, there might be a way to use that same verbiage but “add +1” to the cell and place the results in the next cell.

What I haven’t figured out yet is how to reference the table itself in the formula as they instruct you to do in markdown here. The example given was ‘TableFM’ yet instructions did not clarify how they made that table be named TableFM. My research thus far did not find ‘naming’ a table the way you do in spreadsheets.


Obsidian supports plugins, you know. There’s already a bunch available.

Perhaps this one does what you need? If it does not, perhaps one of the others does?

Thank you so much. I use some plugins, but this one was never mentioned. I have enabled it and will test it today. This may be just what I need as I use a lot of spreadsheets.

Sheila Flanagan

@Sheila_Flanagan ,
I know that this is not what you were asking, but we should mention that if you want to write mathematical expressions in Markdown, you can use Latex.
That was in the Marker viewer for markdown.

$ z=x+y $
does not seem to work in Discourse though?


@xahodo I can attest that this plugin works beautifully in Obsidian. The only issue now (which I cannot seem to find discussion on) is the date format. I was able to input a date in cell 1 and though you cannot fill down with the automatic +1, you can write the formula in the cell under cell 1 as Cell 1 + 1 and it works. However, even though the cells are formatted as dates and display correctly starting with the second cell, the first cell remains fixed at: 1900-01-00. I have tried entering 2023-09-17 but display does not change, yet the formula works as following cells display 2023-09-18 & 2023-09-19.

Perhaps someone knows the fix for this. Otherwise, thanks for pointing me to this solution.

Sheila Flanagan

Perhaps you can contact the author of the plugin?

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@xahodo I wish I knew “how” I did it, but I fixed it. LOL. BTW, I don’t see the “Solution” checkbox in this area of the forum (maybe because it is “Discussion”) but yours is definitely the solution for me.

Sheila Flanagan