Markup Languages

For years I’ve been using Markdown and I’ve got used to it. Over this time though, I noticed more and more that I often want to write something more difficult/complex which lead me to Markdown’s limits, pretty quickly.
So now I decided to look for a better alternative with more features, but still staying human readable.
On my journey I found Asciidoc and found it astonishing on first sight. I will definitely look into this and try it out.

What’s your favourite markup language?

I really REALLY miss markdown … Previously worked in fairly fluid (agile?) IT shops, and we did 90% of our documentation in systems that supported markdown, some in self-hosted wiki’s, some in things like Confluence…

Now I work for a HUUUGE Microsoft shop, and it’s all F–KING Sharepoint and I F–KING hate Sharepoint, if you want to hide something, upload it to Sharepoint, no-body will ever find it again! It’s an ugly bloated lump of excement, and of course if you use sharepoint, then you have to use Microsoft Word, another great bloated lump of garbage… At least these days, you can do some of “sharepoint” within a browser like Chrome or Chromium, unlike the olden days where you needed Windows binaries to do anything in it (never used it in an Apple shop, so I wouldn’t know about that)… yuck…

I’ll check out asciidoc - thanks for the share…


Any idea what markdown (or up?) this guy is using for his presentation???

(it’s quite a good / interesting video - took me ages to find it again)

I did actually find what he’s using, it’s an “outliner” for VI - and I even tried to use it / learn it , but I ended up getting boondoggled or whatever (addled and confused)…

Interesting - he named his computer after the Druid in Asterix and Obelix :smiley:

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