Mecer xpression w210cuq laptop not able to boot. How can i upgrade my BIOS, please help am stuck!

This laptop won’t boot from any source, please help

Could you please elaborate a lot more on your issue? Thank you.

First, Welcome to the group Danny.
Now, Please provide more detail as to your experience.
At what point does it fail? Any screens appear? If so, what is displayed?
Is the power staying on during boot?

Thank you.
It stays on but always in BIOS. Am a technician but never encountered such issue, cause it even does not have switch modes as from UEFI to LEGACY in the BIOS.
I just need a little help on how to update the BIOS please.

The error status that displays is “Media test failure”

Look for a loose cable inside.

We are trying to help you help yourself, but it’s not possible to do it efficiently, if we don’t know what’s going on.

Could you please elaborate as much as possible on what is happening?