Memory confusion

Easy question I guess, but caught me out

Had a client with a Apple iMac mid 2010, site said 1333 ddr3, so bought as advised 2 x 8 gb …
Installed but did not work, lesson 2 times 4 in 2 banks of 2 so 16 in total. But not 2 times 8 as that age of Mac will not address above 4 gb in one block.

Out of interest the Mac started then failed 5 mins later in mid use so harder to spot why

Not really a Linux question … But the memory was marked 1200 yet checking it was 1333 so what is the number difference and why.

If you have 555, or 666, etc then that is the speed but not in this case. Is there any other similar number issues. Was going to ask internet but coukd not word it correctly to find.
Memory was from crutial but Kingston is the same number system

All I know is the 1200 or 1333 has to be supported by the motherboard/bios. I don’t think you can mix them. If you can get a hold of the motherboard manual, it would help a lot. 4 times 4 = 16 i bet you know that already.

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But why mark it 1200 when it’s really 1333 ?

Even my binary maths is better than that