Microsoft Excel 1.0

I did wonder about putting this between history and applications.

Happy birthday excel

Been 30 years plus.

And yes I used it first on Mac version 2

Related to Linux. Hmmm without this would star office. Open office and now libre office come into existence and would personal computers been really popular


I think the very first spreadsheet I met was VU-Calc on my ZX Spectrum.


And even to this day, many people are using it “wrong” - i.e. for tables of static data? Why not just use a table in MS Word FFS?

Anyway - I used Lotus 123 quite some time before I ever used MS Excel… MS Excel did kill Lotus 123, and there was a competing product provided by Borland too - forget the name (their database product was “Paradox” I believe - and at this time, Borland owned DBase III / IV)… i.e. at one time in the early to the mid 1990’s, there were at least three, maybe 4, competing office suites…

There was some MS DOS spreadsheet program that Microsoft use to sell too - forget the name…

Sheeze - anyone remember a time when every shonky little office with a PC had some “bespoke” application written for their specific needs - written in “Clipper” using DBase III?

Then Microsoft released MS Access, and everyone thought they needed it - when mostly a spreadsheet, or a table in MS Word would have sufficed…

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Exactly. Keep static data in a file.

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Quattro Pro?

The first spreadsheet I used was SuperCalc 3.


Oh yes, I had the “luck” to run some queries against Acces tables… those times on a Pentium II…
If DBase (or later Clipper) had that “speed” in the golden times, that datastructure couldn’t become a standard. :smiley: