Mint 19.2(32bit) on XP Pro

After several attempts and trying several different distros, I finally got one to install, using VirtualBox 5.2.36. XP is where most of the old games I have are installed but I needed a way to access the internet. This XP is in dual boot with W10 and I did not want to do harm to the dual boot. I also did not want Linux installed on a different drive, so here I am with Mint running in a VM, it runs well once it is booted.
VirtualBox 5.2 is the last version that still supports a 32bit OS, and I believe it will be unsupported in June of 2020. VMware version 6 will install on XP, but I could not find any download link for the VMware Tools.
I like my old games, but I also like to catch up on Facbook and Foss while I am playing on XP.

If you open a shell prompt (right click on desktop and choose
open terminal) and type in

sudo apt update

what is the response?

I’m not sure if I see a question there… If there is a question, I don’t know where you’d get a 32 bit version of VMware Workstations or Player…

Couldn’t you set the compatibilty option in another 64 bit Windows (e.g. Win10) to play / launch in XP settings? I seem to remember seeing that option somewhere in Windows 7 anyway… and having said that - I don’t think I ever found a 32 bit XP game that didn’t work in 64 bit Windows 7…

Note - back in the day (circa 2007/8) I used to game a bit on a dual Opteron system (actual 2 x physical AMD CPU’s) and dual booted Ubuntu 7/8 with Windows XP 64 bit (yeah there was such a beast) and every 32 bit Windows game I tried in 64 bit Windows XP worked… Why 64 bit XP? Well it had 12 GB of RAM for a start, wasn’t going to waste any of that… back then about the only decent game for Linux was Doom 3, and it ran flawlessly in Ubuntu 7/8 on that beast… so the rest of my games library I played in XP 64 bit…

Their is no 32bit vmware player, the last 32bit vmware player was version 6.0. It can be installed in XP, but the vmware player tools are no longer available, at least I could not find them. The last 32bit virtualbox is the 5.2 version and I do believe it will no longer be supported as of June 2020. About the only way to run XP and Linux is through a dual boot.