Mint 19.2(32bit) on XP Pro

After several attempts and trying several different distros, I finally got one to install, using VirtualBox 5.2.36. XP is where most of the old games I have are installed but I needed a way to access the internet. This XP is in dual boot with W10 and I did not want to do harm to the dual boot. I also did not want Linux installed on a different drive, so here I am with Mint running in a VM, it runs well once it is booted.
VirtualBox 5.2 is the last version that still supports a 32bit OS, and I believe it will be unsupported in June of 2020. VMware version 6 will install on XP, but I could not find any download link for the VMware Tools.
I like my old games, but I also like to catch up on Facbook and Foss while I am playing on XP.