Mint 19.2 released to Beta today Don't rush into installing it

Mint 19.2 Tina has been released to beta today. I have taken a quick look at it on a live session and it is okay from that. I am going to try it out on my spare disk before I make any judgement, but it is still in beta at this time. The advice given is not to rush into it as it is still in testing and might still have problems with it.


I did a complete test today, it is still too buggy to install and I think it needs a lot of work yet. So the advice is still to hold off from installing it and wait until the official release which at this rate I would think would be in September .


Been playing around with this in VB. There are some graphical glitches, but I think that’s from being run in a VM and not bare metal. Might throw it on a spare machine to see how it is.

I like the changes they’ve made though. Might be tempted to switch back to Mint when they release the stable version.


Beta 2 was released today Mike so I don’t think it will be too long before we get the new version released.

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I’ve been running the 19.2 Beta since it released, and it has been very stable for me. I guess the developers agreed because it is already out of beta.

That said, if you have mission-critical systems or hardware issues that require extra attention, it might be best to wait until you get a better feel for any issues that people report.