Mint 21.2 - Can not Live Boot or Install - Out of Memory Error

New MSI Laptop,
13gen I9 cpu
N 4080 video

Can not do a Live Boot or Install of Mint 21.2 from a bootable mem stick

Trying to install Mint 21.2 on my new laptop…
The laptop has an empty HD
I Created a bootable mem stick containing the Mint 21.2 OS
When booting the PC, I select Mint, or Mint compatibility, and I get a “out of memory” error almost immediately after hitting enter

Have tried several windows and linux apps to create the bootable mem stick, no help
Have downloaded the Mint OS several times and verified the downloads
Have disabled the bios fast boot and secure boot, and UEFI is enabled by default
HELP !!!


Is that selected in the BIOS or during the boot process?
Can you boot any other Linux?
Have you tried a second USB stick… it may be faulty


Sounds like a very new PC.
Mint 21 comes with kernel 5 and I wonder if you might need kernel 6 to support the new hardware.
It is just a guess on my part. I saw on the internet that the i9 13 gen was lunched Q1’23.

I certainty would try @nevj suggestions first.


Can you try a older version of mint 20 or 21 to see if the issue is related to the new version


That sounds like it Howard.
@Anne might consider trying
Linux Mint Edge edition
MX ahs edition
They come with newer drivers than the standard releases.

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Responce to Neville
Is that selected in the BIOS or during the boot process?
Can you boot any other Linux?
NO to 21.1
Have you tried a second USB stick… it may be faulty
Existing stick will live boot Mint 21.2 on my old computer I7 12th gen

Response to PAUL
I tried Mint 21.1 and got the same error as 21.2

That proves it… the hardware is too new.
You should follow the advice in reply #3
Try Linux Mint Edge edition
MX ahs edition
You need the very latest hardware support, and it is not available yet in normal fixed releases.
The only other option to get very new hardware support is a rolling release distro… Arch, Void, Gentoo , and maybe Solus

In about 1-2 years, normal fixed releases will support your hardware. In meantime you have to look at the above suggestions.

I am sorry, this is disappointing for a lovely new laptop. Ther will be a way around it.

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Please report back what the resolution was. It will be interesting to see what Linux was installed.

Good Luck.


Reply to Howard
My resolution will probably be to return the computer and update my old computer with a bigger SSD, why,.,.,
well, I am 85 years old and do not want to learn another new OS all over again…

I am just now getting comfortable with Mint, but only as long as I have no problems.---- give me a linux problem and I am in panic mode …

If it were not for Its FOSS, I would have been back on windows a long time ago…
I just do not want to be a pioneer, or reivent the wheel at this point in my life…


Hi Anne,
Linux Mint Edge edition , will be exactly the same to use as the normal Mint.
Give it a try.
I am 78, I am starting to feel like you about new things.
Good luck whatever you do.

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Hi @Anne,
85 and still going strong! God Bless you.
I am 73 and started using Linux about 4 years ago. I hope I still have my act (mind) together at 85.
I started with Mint Cinnamon and still have it installed.
Like you, Foss has been a big help in switching / learning Linux.

If you need help with the backup / restore procedure, please post with your question.

Best Regards,