Mint LDME Cindy

“Linux Mint Debian Edition”.3 Cindy. Thanks to a conversation with @anon56357095 I thought I’d give it a try. I have started to do so on my old test laptop using the Cinnamon edition.
While it is too early to make any conclusions at the moment, the install while different to other Mint editions I have used, it wasn’t too bad to do after a bit of thought. I can’t compare about speed as the laptop I used is too old and under powered for that. I’ll post details later.

My first thoughts however, is that if you are using Mint and want a different version then it might be worth while having a look at.


Dip your toe into (the waters of) Debian, and retain the user-friendliness of Linuxmint.

Yep the installer is basic, but very functional. You can only use manual partitions.