MINT MATE 32 bit or MINT MATE 64 bit?


You already know my laptop specifications:
ACER Aspire E1-522 64 bit with CPU AMD E1-2500 APU with Radeon ™ HD Graphics
Memory: 4GB ( shared 1GB with GPU)
SSD: 240 GB

When I tested both distros, I got the feeling that the 32 bit version feels faster than the 64 bit version, despite the laptop being designed for 64 bit.
So, I ask to the community:

  • In your opinion, what are the the Pros and Cons of using a 32 bit version on this laptop?
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Well, it is a fact that 32 bit supports up to 3.5GB RAM realistically so it should be always better to use a 64 bit system when using more than 3GB RAM.


I agree with @Akito, in that the 64 bit would always be better. To be honest I can’t see a logical reason why not to do so, taken further into account that you have an SSD as well. Why limit the performance? That is the question I would ask.


@Akito and @ElectricDandySlider
thanks for the replies
but for the OS I only have 3GB, 1GB is already allocated to GPU in BIOS.
That’s the reason of my question:
With only 3GB for the OS and the hardware was designed for 64 bit, could I lost performance using a 32 bit version instead a 64 bit version?

If you check the tests I did with browsers, all of them needs more space in 64 bit, so, because I’m confused, I decided to ask to my masters what do do :wink:

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That is related to the applications. Typically, a 64-bit application will take up a bit more RAM than its 32-bit counterpart. Given the right hardware, the 64-bit version should be more performant when counting in all factors.


If you look here; this will give you, your answer as it comes from Mint themselves and they should know if anyone does. In the end it is your choice.


Thanks for your replies
I will install Linux MINT MATE 64 bit

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I think that if the machine is able to do 64 bit you should go with that because eventually 32 bit is going to be discarded. Even though 32 bit is a bit faster on some hardware.
enjoy Mint Mate, it’s a good choice.


Agreed, Mint MATE has been my choice since it came out, and BTW, I have been using Mint for over 10 years. However, I still “distro-hop”, as am interested in checking out new OS’s.


Linux MINT MATE 64 bit is just installed :smile:

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Your lappy luv’s ya…!


If you have only 3 Gib available to your Linux
then can be preferred to use in fact 32 bit version OS.
However, don’t forget that the majority of Linux distribuitions
will drop 32 bits in soon. :sunglasses:

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For me, when I did the tests, MATE 32 was faster than MATE 64
Working now as a MATE 64 user and I feel that the system a little slower

@MikeREM Already advised me about my processor on the other post

I’ll be testing MATE 32 bit again or find another solution because I didn’t like working on MATE 64 for the last 5 days as it seem too slow

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working now on 32 bit and I keep thinking it’s faster than 64 bit for this case :wink:


whatever works best for you :slight_smile: one of my favorite parts of switching to linux is being able to download all kinds of different distros or versions of distros.

before your posts, i hadn’t considered running 32-bit on a 64-bit capable machine. it just goes to show what a bit of creative thinking can come up with. i believe a valid point is that in the not so far off future mint might drop 32-bit support as ubuntu moved in that direction this year with many of their versions (including lubuntu), but i think if it works for you and your system then that is just something to keep an eye on.

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