Missing link to forum on It's FOSS

On the main itsFOSS site

there used to be a click-on link to the forum.
It seems to have disappeared.

Does anyone other than me think it would be useful to have this link?

I think its there, at the bottom of “how to get more out of its foss” on the “about” menu
Well hidden!!!


Well hidden indeed. But you are right, it is there.
It used to be at top of main page


The link is also at the bottom of the page under communities.


While we are discussing itsfoss page…
There is no search button that I can find.
How do I locate an article?

You do not have the magnify glass, up in the top right corner, to click on for search?

On the forum page, yes… but not on the main itsfoss.com page


Unless I am on the wrong web page. Are you still having graphic issues?

Yes, that page… itsfoss.com

Must be my browser… I am using Android tablet, Firefox Focus
Nothing in the top right corner
Tried another brower … the same.
I must be getting a mobile phone version of the website?

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The search icon is there on the PC, but not on the Android tablet.
My guess is either

  • Android browsers are out of date, and cant handle some new HTML construct
  • itsfoss has a mobile version of the web page and the tablet is receiving that.

OK its a non-issue… just use the PC for serious work.
The forum link is another matter. … why hide it at the bottom of page.

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There used to be a link to Linux Handbook too. It and the link to the community disappeared when the link for a holiday promotion of some sort was added. That holiday promotion has since been removed, but the others have not reappeared.

@abhishek ,
Can we have these usefil links restored please

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Everything will be restored. I am working on redesigning the website.


Thanks Abhishek, i see the search button is there, good and working
Thanks for maintaining this site, and thanks to the knowledgeable folk who work on replies
Ive learnt a lot!


The ones I miss most are links to:



Neville, Rosika, and I would like the user icons/avatars restored.

Hello @berninghausen

The missing links from the header of the website menu have been restored.

I am not sure about the icons/avatars thing. Could you please elaborate on it?

Well, can you explain why everyone’s icon mutated to a graphic, and can you explain what is going to happen with them in the future?

I got the reference later when I visited this topic:

I believe the changed icons are due to the new login process.

In my opinion, it should happen only once when the member first logs in via the It’s FOSS login. The profile picture needs to be re-uploaded.

A sure shot way to get the same profile picture everywhere is to use Gravatar:

These are sort of universal avatar/profile picture associated with your email address. Many major websites use it to fetch the profile picture associated with your email.

You change the profile picture in Gravatar, and it gets changed everywhere (Gravatar supported websites).

This is what I use and that’s why my profile picture is the same everywhere.

Of course, it is not mandatory to create a new account with Gravatar for It’s FOSS websites. You should be able to manage things from here.

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