Misspelled dir for updates

N: Skipping acquire of configured file ‘main/binary-amb64/Packages’ as repository ‘http://dl.google.com/linux/earth/deb stable InRelease’ doesn’t support architecture ‘amb64’

amb64 instead of amd64.
Is that a file on my system that is misspelled or is that the folder on google server?

Yea, solved it. Never mind! :smiley:

It would be nice if you shared how you solved it.

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After many searches I had not found anything on this specifically but I kept going back to the repository but I was not seeing anything wrong. I read a post where someone said there was something wrong and they had not seen it in the Package manger so they went directly to the file. So I did the same.

etc/apt/sources.list.d found google-earth-pro.list and list.save. Changed the error in both locations and then ran the update again. Earth is now updating.

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