Moneydance on Fedora: Can't open attachments

I distro hopped from Mint to Ubuntu to Fedora 36 Gnome DE. I use Moneydance financial software similar to Quicken. Since I migrated to Fedora 36 (my favorite so far), I’m not able to open files attached to transactions (reciepts, invoices, etc.). When I request to view the attachment, Document Viewer shows briefly as the active application, then nothing until I close Moneydance. Then one of the two error messages below is displayed–one for each attachment I attempted to open. The files are there in encrypted form. I can extract and successfully open them with a Moneydance utility.

I’m not clear if this is a Fedora or a Moneydance problem.

@Sequimite ,
You might have a look at those files and see what pernissions are set.
Also the directory they are in… what are its permissions.
Also the permissions all the way up the path
Fedora might have set different permissions at any point

I’m also a MoneyDance user. I had a different problem with the program. I sent a email request for help to their support team and was shocked to get an answer in less than 10 minutes. Give them a try.


@don.karon, there has been a ticket open with Infinite Kind for months. I’ve asked for a status with no reply. Usually, they are quite responsive. However, upgrading to Fedora 37 resolved the issue. I still have no idea what caused it.