Mounting a DVD writer (again!)

I used to have no problem having my system recognize a blank DVD in the drive and burning ISO images to it. But it does not seem to mount anymore, and trying to mount it via command line isn’t working.

This is all being done in a new (two weeks) installation of Mint, so the fstab settings should be as fresh as can be.

I first identified an issue when running Brasero to burn an ISO. Despite swapping out various blank disks, and despite rebooting, and despite unplugging and replugging the SATA connections, Brasero tells me there is no disk present.

First, I tried this:

cliff@cliff-desktop:~$ sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/dvd-rw /media/
mount: /media: special device /dev/dvd-rw does not exist.

Then I tried this:

cliff@cliff-desktop:~$ sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /media/
mount: /media: no medium found on /dev/sr0.
cliff@cliff-desktop:~$ sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/sr0 /media/
mount: /media: no medium found on /dev/sr0.

Finally, I tried this:

cliff@cliff-desktop:~$ sudo mkdir /mnt/cdrom
cliff@cliff-desktop:~$ sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt/cdrom
mount: /mnt/cdrom: no medium found on /dev/sr0.

Each time that it said “no medium found” I replaced a blank DVD with a written one.

I also went to Disks, deselected “auto-mount”, tried Brasero again, and re-selected it.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a program for testing if the drive itself has a problem? I am able to play audio CDs, but not boot to Live DVD.

PLease excuse me while I vent,
I am beginning to REALLY HATE LINUX!

You all read above what I did to try to get my DVD writer to mount and be recognized.

Well, I do not know how it happened, but now my main Mint system will not boot. Well, not easily.
I am now getting the accursed message

error: attempt to read or write outside of disk hdx
error: you need to load the kernel first
(hdx is because sometimes it reads as hd1, sometimes as hd2, depending on the grub choice.)
(We are dealing with partitions on sda1 that show no errors when running fsck from sdb1)

This is not a crisis, because I can get into an older Mint kernel from grub, and it has not affected Ubuntu on sdb1. But it is SO ANNOYING!

At this point, I may just stop trying to fix or improve or customize anything and live with it as it is. I also blame myself for trying to fix something that was not essential in the first place, and messing up the whole thing.

Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I just clumsy/unlucky?

Counting in all your problems and adding them all together to a new value tells me that you do something fundamentally wrong, in the first place. You already heard about the advice regarding temperatures and air humidity. If I were you with all your problems, I would go with my equipment to an entirely different place (ideally, to a friend who uses Linux sucessfullly with no problems from your perspective) and use your equipment there for a long while. On the one hand your friend could supervise your Linux behaviour as well as make sure that no outside climate or natural problem is causing this, as he already provides a safe area for his own equipment, so he will for yours, as well. A lot of different hardware failures, that do not seem connected to each other at all, and yet happen so often, may point to an external issue, like where you live or how you treat electronic equipment, etc. In some cases people even use equipment from other people, without them knowing, so check that out, too. Find out what is wrong with your place. It could be anything. I doubt that you are so unlucky with so many hardware related failures. Most people have problems with software on Linux and some maybe with drivers for specfic hardware. But I never see people having actual hardware failures in such a proportion as you have.

I don’t know if this will help you at all -error attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0' [Solved] (unclear how) - Linux Mint Forums. You say it is not a crisis because you can you get into an older Mint Kernel. If it ain’t broke then don’t try and fix it would be my advice on. Depending upon the Mint Version you have Mint does run well on older kernels which are specific to that version.

I take it that you are using a Desktop PC rather than a laptop, from what you are describing. These are prone to many things and regularly cleaning and are highly prone to temperature faults as well as dampness. I have lost count of the number that I have seen and repaired with such faults. Desktops are history now and I personally swapped us all over to laptops which avoids most of the problems. In truth I have not had any since making the swap over.

Regarding the DVD problems. Do you really need to use the DVD? This again is fading into history with USB or downloads replacing it. I personally would stop using it and things and swap over to USB. My laptop has a DVD which takes time to mount in MInt 19.2 so I just leave it and mostly it does do so, when it doesn’t I find cleaning the disk helps. In fairness there are times when neither works so I don’t bother carrying on.

Reading through things I do not think it is a software problem at all and certainly not a Mint one. I can only conclude they are a result of hardware problems, which could only be really tested doing aggressive testing over 24 hours - It sounds worse than it is, but really is a matter of just testing each part completely for that period.

I don’t think you’re unlucky or anything, it must be a concern to you and I am sorry Cliff, but my only real advice given what you have written would be to do much as @Akito has said or just switch over to a laptop.

Let us know how you get on. Oh and don’t give up on Linux, it’s not it’s fault :grinning:

To @Akito, @ElectricDandySlider and any others,

I have persuasive evidence that there is a big hardware issue.
Can anyone explain how this is happening?
Should I start a new thread?

Yesterday, I had two problems that I could neither explain nor repair:
a. DVD burner could not mount
b. On reboot, SDA was outside HD0, and only an older kernel could boot.

This morning, BOTH of these issues worked without error.

Previously, I had these issues, most happening on SDA:
a. sudden onset of reallocated sectors on three different HDD SATA harddrives
b. unexplained disappearance of partition table on SDA
c. USB device (MP3 player) mounted with restricted permissions, fixed by unplugging and replugging the cord

I checked temperatures using various sensors. The hottest component was the video card, and tended to hover at 70 C. The CPU is at 42.
I have images (posted if you think it’ll help) showing the desktop unit’s setup. It is shielded from the elements (a nearby window) and well ventilated. It also runs from a suge protector with a fuse.

Finally, let me repeat my urgent questions:
How can I understand this?
What are the questions I should be asking?
How do I point a tech to the nub of the problem?

Suggest you also try “xfburn” and also “k3b”, and see if it helps. Also, be advised that “it is HIGHLY” recommended, in Linux, that you STAY with the SAME KERNEL that came withe OS you installed!

What about humidity and vibrations and/or shaking ground?
Where are the images posted?
Does anyone else have (theoretical) access to your equipment? Anyone with potential access to your room might use your equipment.

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that you STAY with the SAME KERNEL that came withe OS you installed!

Yes, of course. I boot from the “Advanced options” in grub.

What about humidity and vibrations and/or shaking ground?

Stable concrete building and heavy desk.

Where are the images posted?

Soon. I’ll tag you when I get them cropped and uploaded

Does anyone else have (theoretical) access to your equipment?

Only my wife, who is terrified to touch anything remotely geeky. I think we all have family members like that.

Right, Cliff environmental factors can cause several problems. If the system is dirty with a build up of dust inside, this can also cause problems of heating. The easiest and best way to clean is with compressed air which you can buy in a can. Do not you a power cleaner (so called Vacuum cleaner). The system should have plenty of air around it and no vents covered up at all. In my personal experience heat in hardware is a sign of either it is not correctly attached or it is failing. I know that you have made some of the points already, so forgive me for repeating them back to you. As the hottest part is the video card, if you have another try replacing it and see what results you get. Also what is the temp of your CPU is that within standard for that? 70 is with the normal range of some video cards, but is a little hot . The temp for your CPU seems within the normal range of most - more help here
I am taking that you have checked all the various connections to ensure they are all tight, if there is any movement then that can cause problems. Have you also listened to the sounds it makes - too much noise can be a hint of something not working correctly.
You have done a good job of explaining things here, taking into account we don’t have physical access to your set up, as they do they should be able to take things from there.
I can not be 100% certain, but my feeling is that it is a hardware problem. I am taking into account your ability to check on other things, Just a thought popped into my head - Have you tried booting in Legacy Cliff? If not it might be interesting to see what results you get by doing so.
Sorry I can’t think of anything else at the moment.

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In the middle of teaching so just a few brief notes.
CPU temp stays at or below 40, and GPU (ATI Radeon HD 2600) stays steady at 70, even after playing a video for 5 minutes. It may dip to 69 idling, but never higher than 70.
I clean out the fans and dust at least twice a year, and have done so since my first computer in 1988.
Finally, I decided against UEFI (fear of making mistakes) and stayed with Legacy. I can copy and post the GRUB entries if an answer may lie within.

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I don’t want to be rude, but my mom is the same way as your wife and last time I raged at her was when she took some PC stuff and put really wet tissues/towels on it to “clean” it. Being afraid has many perceptions. Nothing against your woman, but right now, I would recommend not to exclude any possibility.

I may have neglected to mention.
I returned to America after 8 years teaching in Thailand fully expecting a peaceful retirement. Instead, with the money being quite insufficient, I got into online tutoring. For the last year, I have been working from home. Nobody but me goes inside this room, except when my wife brings me fresh tea, It is a nice setup, and there are WAY too many wires for her to be tempted in the slightest to do anything. It can be very safely assumed that nobody else is messing with this.

Best Idea I have heard so far is to see if I could swap out the motherboad, either for testing or for purchasing.

Also, I found a neighbor who does QA testing for Dropbox. He may be coming over this Sunday.

I was just going to mention that Cliff, honestly as I had thought of that. However unless you really need a PC why not just buy a Laptop ? Could save all the problems now and in the future

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Yes, I agree with you @ElectricDandySlider. @cliffsloane, if I was thinking of testing my motherboard, I’m sure I would also consider replacing the equipment. Either laptop or desktop for a replacement. Of course cost can be a big factor, but on e-bay I saw at the Dell store where a referb desktop with i3-4150 3.5GHz | 8GB | 500GB and free shipping would cost $129. Over the years, I have brought several items from them and have been very happy. A very good laptop could also be purchase off e-bay for less then $200. Of course what sounds good to me might not sound good to you or others.

Translating those into £s that is less than £200:00 - If it suits your needs why not. I am not sure I would want to go down the Desktop route anymore. I think that if @cliffsloane goes down this route he could find one that suits his needs. Whatever I have had I have always adjusted it further, with additional memory or putting in an SSD

Maybe it is just personal preference, but I feel quite a bit more comfortable with a desktop. My current one is one of those refurbished ones, purchased at my favorite store, For $300, I got a ViewSonic monitor, HP 1020 printer, Intel board with i5 processor. Minor purchases have upped the RAM to 8 GB, a new SSD, and other “extras.”
I am old, retired and making money teaching from home. The desktop serves me well. If I’m gonna travel, I’d rather do it unplugged.


Try a lot less then 200 pounds for the desktop. 1 pound = 1.23 US dollars. So how about 105 pounds!

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