Mouse wheel install help needed

The mouse wheel is very useful for scrolling under Windoze but apparently cannot be easily installed under Ubuntu 19.04. Any install help will be greatly appreciated since the wheel simplifies scrolling. Thanx.

Bewildered Bob (newbie)

ps: the mouse is a Microsoft wireless (optical) mouse

Works fine for me by default.

Try Settings > Devices > Mouse and Touchpad for options

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I’ve never had an issue where the mouse wheel didn’t work in Ubuntu… Not ever since I can remember - back to Ubuntu 8 or something…

Never had to turn it on or enable it or tweak it… Using a Microsoft Bluetooth Designer mouse on 19.04 at work and at home… Also on my thinkpad keyboard, the middle button works as a mouse wheel if holding down the trackpoint… both just work “out of the box” (apart from the PITA of bluetooth pairing, but that’s another story, and feels like black magic when it does work :smiley: )

Only thing I’ve had to do occasionally is ensure the touchpad does “Australian Scrolling” as it’s called by google (i.e. natural scrolling)…