Moving home folder from internal HDD to SDD where LM and Windows installed

Hello All,
Little background I’ve 500GD SSD and put Windows in 40GB and rest of the SSD I’ve installed LM and as per your method and put home folder on 1TB HDD.

So now I’ve urge to keep only SSD in laptop as per existing set up and move home folder to SSD( to test if it will improve speed as everything will be on SSD) and use HDD as external drive.

Now my question:
Is it possible to move home folder data to the partition where LM is installed now with 400GB space without reinstalling LM ? ( I don’t want to go through the pain of reinstalling LM, softwares & set up )

I think I don’t need HDD inside laptop and 400GB space is enough for working laptop

I could do with this resource [SOLVED]:Can I move home folder/directory to SSD from internal HDD? - Linux Mint Forums

Thank you.