Multi display using Xfce (VNC) on Ubuntu 18.04?

Hi guys

I am running xfce on Ubuntu 18.04 and using it for a jump server which remote users logging onto the server.

I am unable to get multiple display sessions working so that different users can have separate displays.

Is this indeed possible? Or am i missing something within my configuration?

Thanks in advance



It’s close, but I have a remote server with no display and I would like multiple users to connect in to the server but have separate displays for each session to the server. When I open the xfce settings page i see no only one virtual monitor and no option to create another.

Hi @jimmyzoom
Here’s my suggestion for what you can try, and see if it fits your requirements. Technically, what you probably want is a VNC based solution, but it can be technically difficult to install and configure and have it working for multiple users with their own display as you need. ThinLinc from Cendio
could probably be a solution to try, it will let you have 5 concurrent users at any given moment in the free version.
It its based on TigerVNC and the wizard driven installer will pretty much set everything up for you out of the box. It has clients for Windows, Mac and Linux.