Multi gesture touchpad feature

HI all,

if you ever used working with MacOS, you propably know this amazing multi touchpad gesture feature.
However in Linux distro’s that something hard to find. Atleast, I haven’t found something solid that works right out of the box.
I’m using Fusuma right now, but several times a day it just stops and I have to restart it from the terminal.

Does any of you have any pointers to a good multi touch gesture feature? I’d really love to hear your opinions about it.


There is a new app in development that allows adding new gestures. I’ll cover it on It’s FOSS when its flatpak app is released so that you can install it easily.

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Thanx for the update.

Are you talking about this one perhaps?

I installed this one, and works a lot better then this one:

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Yes. I was talking about that. Well! I guess you don’t have a better option then.

It’s working perfect for me to be honest.
Still, would be great if you could write something about it. It makes life a lot easier when working with a multi gesture touchpad :wink:

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I have bookmarked this topic. I’ll see if I can write about :slight_smile:

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