Multiple DEs on the same OS

I have heard multiple people recommend against installing multiple DEs on one installation, I’ve done it a few times and haven’t run into problems. What is the general opinion of doing this and if recommending against can someone give me some reasons why it’s not advisable?

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Not always but sometimes you’ll see conflicts because of multiple DEs.

You may end up with multiple implementation of same tool. For example, I had two network managers displayed on the top panel.

Extra and unnecessary packages are another thing.

Evrn if you remove a DE, chances are it will leave some traces of it behind.

Keeping the code base as clean as possible is the key.

If multiple desktops in one system was a flawless thing, Linux distributions would have provided switchibg between multiple desktop option in their ISO itself.


Although Zorin was doing exactly that–up to version 11anyway. Then again Zorin has always been a bit of an out-lier.


That makes sense. I did it once before installing KDE over cinnamon and didn’t have issues. I’d like to try Budgie and with all the issues I’m having getting anything to run on this laptop I thought this may be a better option.


I had some strange behaviour when I tried Budgie on my Ubuntu 18.04 “default” (i.e. Gnome 3)… like multiple “dash/dock” thingies… few “glitches” here and there even after I removed it… (e.g. still showed the budgie splash when booting)… I never got around to fixing 'cause I broke the whole thing when trying to use an Intel GPU PPA to update (to see if I could get Cossacks 3 for linux on steam to “work”) my GPU drivers - most times (because I store all my data in the cloud or sync it elsewhere) a fresh install is usually way quicker than troubleshooting (and - even today, I still can’t get Cossacks 3 for Linux on Steam to run on that laptop under Ubuntu 18.04 - it worked on 17.04, and it works on my other laptop [similar Dell Latitude] running elementary Loki)…

So - the upshot is - I probably wouldn’t recommend multiple DE for myself…


I also had some strange issues trying to install Budgie in a multiple DE environment. Ultimately, I finally have been able to install and set up Manjaro Gnome and so far I am very happy with how it’s working.


2 DE’s no problem, but many DE, can really cause
annoying troubles, choice a second DE and DONE ! :slight_smile: