MX kernel upgrades

I started with MX 21.2 “ahs” . it had kernel 5.18
When MX 21.3 “ahs” was released, it automatically upgraded to 21.3… at least it upgraded all the packages… but the kernel stayed at 5.18.
I expected it to upgrade kernel too… but no, the apt commands only upgrade packages.
I had to go to the MX upgrade GUI, and find the kernels that were listed as available… it had 5.19, 6.0, and 6.1. listed. i chose 6.1, said install, and it did it accompanied with dozens of warning messages about possible missing amdgpu binaries. It said completed successfully, so I booted… grub menu offered the 6.1 kernel, I chose that and it was OK.

Right, so what is so different about upgrading kernels? Void linux just treats linux kernel as another package, so a regular system upgrade with xbps-install -Su rolls everything , including the kernel. The whole system is automatically updated.

MX ( and Debian) take another approach. apt is just for packages. Kernels are special.
I can understand that in Debian, where kernels never change except with a new release, but MX is supposed to be semi-rolling. I expected the kernel to roll. Maybe that is the difference between semi-rolling and rolling?

No that cant be it. In Gentoo kernels are treated separately… an emerge -avuND world updates everything except the kernel. To get a newer kernel you have to compile it. Yet Gentoo is considered rolling release?

I am confused. It seems Void is rather special in treating kernels as just another packsge to update. What do other distros do? Are there any rules for good kernel management?

Only if you are running sys-kernel/gentoo-sources, if sys-kernel/gentoo-kernel-bin is used, then it updates
with the emerge -avuND world command. You only then have to run eselect kernel list and eselect kernel set and grub-mkcong -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg and chose the kernel at boot.

Oh, that makes Gentoo same as Void, providing you use kernel binaries it will all roll.

I have never tried to do a kernel source compile in Void, but I bet it doesnt roll either.

I was surprised by MX… I expected it to all roll. Its kernels are binaries.

That does not surprise me!!!

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Well , actually it does some compiling… it compiles all the modules, but not the kernel itself? No idea why. This may only apply to the “ahs” version that I have? It took about 20 mins… far longer than a fully binary kernel update.

I expected MX to roll the kernel… it does not… not if you use apt anyway. I think that is what semi-rolling means.