MX Update, kernel error message

Good morning,

I have just updated to the latest MX version. Everytime boot I get the following error message:

The free kernel module Nouveau is currently loaded and conflicts with the non-free kernel module NVIDIA.
The easiest way to fix this is to reboot the computer once the installation is finished.

Rebooting does not help, and I must admit, I have no idea where this is coming from.

Any suggestions?

Seems you have an nvidia card, and have the proprietary driver installed, but nouveau not blacklisted (disabled).
Try to disable the nouveau driver. A hint for that:

/etc/modprobe.d/*.conf is a generic thing, so it should not be Ubuntu 20.04 specific. I think the setting will work in MX too.
If things go wrong, just revert it by deleting the newly created conf file.


Thank you!
Sometimes I hate drivers…

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Drivers are necessary to make HW work :slight_smile:
Did the trick work?


Yes it certainly did! Ty!