My Dell Inspiron15 3521

Should have taken pictures, I had to take my Dell Inspiron laptop
apart and fix an issue with a flickering display.
After dissecting the device, I found the wire that
runs from the mobo was crimped, where it exits from the
case up to the monitor. Do not kmow how it got crimped,
but after rerouting the wire, have not had a flicker since.
I would rather work on a desktop PC any day!!!

I now have Gentoo running, in a VBOX VM, Mate and LXQT DE!!!
You emerge the Mate DE first then emerge LXQT,
LXQT will then use all the Mate extras to function.
One could also use XFCE and then emerge LXQT.
While LXQT can run as a stand-alone DE, it takes a lot
more building to make it function.


I tried LXQt in Debian. It is basic, but it functions.
I think if you like a simple Qt based DE then it is a good choice., but if you want a very sophisticated Qt a better choice is KDE.

One can emerge KDE and then LXQT and use the full QT base, but I really dislike KDE!!! So I chose the Mate DE, not as much flash as KDE but it works.

I tried installing KDE on top of Xfce once. They did not mix.
Things stopped working.
I am not a KDE fan either… like my desktops simple.

That laptop looks like my old 17in Toshiba laptop… but it is a better cpu than that . Looks like mine is dying… it has errors
reading dvd for an install, and it wont boot from a flash drive
and it makes intermittant crackling noises like things shorting out inside. Still runs the installed Void, but I csnt install or boot anything.