My Latest Gentoo VM Install

Gentoo install in VirtualBox.

Gentoo with Mate DE.

Gentoo VM with just 7 use flags
X is for the xorg-server
alsa and pulseaudio is for sound
minizip is for vlc
bindist is for Gentoo
mmx and sse is for cpu flags
The make.conf determines how the kernel is compiled. The less that is used
with a VM, the better for Gentoo.

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Nice. How are you liking the experience of Gentoo?

What can I say, for any die hard Linux user, Gentoo should be on their bucket list of things to do, to just say, I have Gentoo working.
I will say that it is not a hard Linux install, but it is a different Linux install. This install only used the Gentoo amd64 handbook for guidance. Would be more than happy to offer my help if someone else on @Foss wants to try Gentoo.
Thanks for the comment.

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Hi @4dandl4 ,
I am in my 70’s too. I tried a Gentoo hard install on an old 32 bit laptop. I got as far as a command line, but failed to install a window system. The old laptop was a bad choice, too slow for all the compiling.

I am interested that you installed your Gentoo inside VirtualBox. Does that give you a fully functioning system, ie can you configure printers, link to a local network, access disk partitions, etc. I have tried Gnome Boxes, but that completely isolates the system, ie it cannot do any of the above . Should I try VirtualBox?, or should I do a hard install when I next try Gentoo.

What init system did you choose? I prefer something other than systemd. I have been using Devuan and Void, both with runit.

Thank you for showing us your Gentoo setup

That’s cool, how long did it took to compile everything on vm?

Thank you for your comment on my post about my Gentoo VM. I will try to answer your questions as
well as I can.
I never use a VM for printer function or for accessing other disks or partitions, the only network I need
is the connection to my internet. I have never used Devuan or Void so I can not say whether VirtualBox
will even run on these systems. I also never use systemd, I only use openrc for my gentoo installs, I
just have no use for systemd.
I have a old 32bit desktop that took a week to compile Gentoo, I can only imagine as to how long the
compile time would be for a 32bit laptop. A hard install compile of Gentoo can be reduced with the
choice of use flags. I can install Gentoo, and get the CLI working without any use flags, after the CLI
is working I can then compile xorg-server and the DE.
I would not recommend using a VM on that old laptop, if you want to run Gentoo, then a hard install
is probably your best choice. Let me know, sounds like an interesting project.

I had the CLI compiled the first day and compiled the xorg-server on day 2, on day 3 I compiled the
Mate DE, took about 5hrs to compile Mate. I was working mostly, in my spare time at night, so about
4 days everything was working the way I wanted, still have a few more packages to install. Thanks
for commenting.