My Lenovo laptop (IdeaPad z570) having kubuntu 20.04 installed and is not shutting down after shutting down order. But it can restart after restart order. What's going on here?

Hello community,
I’m new in ubuntu or linux system. I recently installed ubuntu 20.04 system on my Lenovo ideapad z570 it was having shutting down issues. So I installed kubuntu 20.04 in it but still having same problem. Laptop can restart within seconds but it can’t be shutting down. After shut down screen is still on, fan is also running and it shows kubuntu logo on the screen.

Please help. Thank you !

This is usually caused by an acpi error.
Go to a terminal and issue this command and see if it shuts down.
sudo shutdown -h now
post any error messages you receive.

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Thanks buddy,
Its shutting down using the comment from the terminal. But same problem occurs. Display still shows the ‘kubuntu’ name and its logo slowly glowing and dimming. Now i also found out that sleep mode is also not working. Sleep mode shuts down the display but never wakes up the laptop. I have to force shut down the laptop by holding down the power key.
Display brightness also not working even using function key brightness is not changing. I have downloaded ‘Brightness Controller’ app via terminal and its working now.

Please help me out ! Thanks !

Before shutdown, try to disable the splash screen:

You should then be able to read the messages during the shutdown process.

However, as @kc1di suggests, I believe, this is a firmware issue. You may try to update the BIOS but, as yours is a rather old machine, Lenovo only offers updates for Windows XP and Windows 7 from 2011(sic!).

So, should one of these still be on your computer, you could try to update the BIOS and see whether it helps.