My touchpad is not working after installing Ubuntu 20.04

Hi All,

I am using Lenovo ideapad S145. I installed Ubuntu alongside windows. After installing ubuntu 20.04, i am not able to use the touchpad as it is not working. But, external mouse is working.

I tried the ways present in the web to fix it but nothing is working. Can you please help us how to resolve the touchpad issue in 20.04 version?



This article is a year and 8 months old, but I thought it might help as one person says his solution makes the touchpad work

If the article doesn’t have a working solution, then the next thing to try is to compile the latest Linux Kernel which you can download from If you need instructions to compile the kernel, check out this page Kernel/Compile - Community Help Wiki

That’s like 2 seconds measured in Linux time… :wink:

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