Need advice on dual booting Linux Mint on macbook

Not knowing how to start a new topic ,I take liberty in replying here .
Recently I acquired a 13 yrs old MacBook Pro model A1278. It still works well . I now wish to make it dual boot with Linux Mint 21.2. But the Apple partition is NOT recognised ,hence I cannot install Linux Mint ALONGSIDE the existing software but would have to erase the disk.
Is there any trick to make the machine dual boot adding the Linux distro ?
The HDD is 750GB and with Gparted I have made half its capacity unallocated hence Free

TIA for any advice

Frank in County Wicklow Ireland


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Ok on your apple question and installing along side

On a Mac of that age although it is a 64 bit processor and capable of running a new version of the system experience has shown that it does not always work for a dual boot.

For my Mac to do dual boot Mac os X and mint I chose the 32 bit LMDE version
You create the boot usb as normal
Start your Mac up with the key in
Press command c to get the boot to cd or usb key
Choose the usb drive
Then go through the boot onto the key and select install
After a few questions you should get to install dual boot or replace
Select dual boot

It is important you have cleaned your Mac system first and there is enough space on the disk for both to exist

Is a simple guide and may help

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I did install a Linux system (Ubuntu) in double-boot on a MacBook from 2010, changing also the HD to an SSD (cloned with CloneZilla). As we cannot double-boot with grup on a Mac (as far as I know), I installed rEFIind to handle booting (it is a bit complex to install, though). But anyhow, you can always choose your system at start by pressing Option key during startup, without any boot manager.
I think I did partition the disk during the installation process, but it was a long time ago. Anyhow, Gparted should recognise and be able to handle a Apple disk of that time.
As you have already partitioned the disk, you can just install your system on the free space.

Interesting ! I recently bought a 2010 era MacBook Pro (hence 11-13 yrs old)
Spec 2gen intel i5 CPU and 8GB RAM .
Changed the 1TB HDD for a 250GB SSD and installed Linux Mint 21.2 (Victoria) Very pleased with the system . Apple hardware is good ; nice sharp display , excellent keyboard …but only 2 USB ports ; using external mouse as on all machines I use.
Price was perhaps 10% of the new price in 2010 ; hence not a bad deal .

Frank in County Wicklow -Ireland