Need FPS games for Linux

I am using Intel pentium core 2 duo ~ 2.99 ghz
with 6 gb of ram and integrated intel graphics as my graphics card is not working in this OS.

I need to know if there is any FPS games available which I can play in this machine without any problem.
Also give the steps to install… please guys :roll_eyes:

No worries mate :smiley: - I charge $75 AUD per hour, or part there-of, during business hours, otherwise if evenings it’s about $125, but $250 on weekends… PM me for my PayPal details (for you to pre-pay me when I invoice you)…

FPS games on such shitty little specs? Are you serious?

Your best luck will some 2000-2012 games, you might be able to find something like Quake, Quake II or III, maybe Doom 3? They might run? And maybe even Hexxen ?

Maybe try Team Fortress on Steam? It’s free…

Best way to run them is using Lutris… Google it… read some stuff out there… don’t be lazy… :smiley:

That’s so kind of you sir.
I know now my specs are very much poor. :expressionless: But I have never played very low graphics games like Quake luckily that time never came until I switched to Ubuntu. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Here I am really confused how to get a game which will run or how to install.

On this same specs I have played good games like
GTA San Andreas
GTA Vice City
Prototype 1 and 2
Cricket 2007
Project IGI all parts
COD Black ops 1 and 2
Battlefield 2 bad company
Saint row IV

These games were awesome, far better than quake and all, all this played in this same pc. but here I don’t know how. But yes all these games I played when I was using Windows 10 :sweat_smile:

I just read the book “Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Rockstar Games”… interesting read…

Rockstar used to encourage modders, now they don’t… in fact they love lawyers so much, they issued a take down notice to a git repo hosting a reverse engineered engine to run GTA series (GTA III and later) games on, even though you still had to own the game to use the reverse engineered engine…

I managed to grab a copy of that GIT repo BEFORE it got taken down… you might be able to find a copy of that somewhere by searching? I don’t know… I’m not sharing it… and you don’t seem the type to “do your own research” or help yourself, so I’d wish you luck, 'cause you’ll need it, and a fairy godmother to do all your wants and wishes for you…

I did try out Borderlands 2 (native linux version on Steam) on Intel GPU laptop (dual core, hyperthreaded, 16 GB RAM), at lowest settting (laptop screen resolution of 1366x768) and it seemed okay (i.e. it was playable, but I wouldn’t recommend it).

Team Fortress 2 is free to play… it recommends a discrete GPU, but it may work with Intel integrated :

And Counterstrike has Linux native version too, on steam but it costs $$$…