Need help figuring out how to push custom updates!

Can someone please help me? I am working on a Linux distro based on ubuntu 18.0.4. It blocks out hackers and comes with anti-virus protection, you can run any windows application. I am using the system back tool because it is 7gib because I can’t build an iso bigger than 4 gibs. I want people to be able to install the software for schools, with me behind the computer applying new updates all around the world for people who are using the os. Can someone please help me? And if you do, can you please make it easy to understand?

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For example, chrome os pushes new updates and it is Linux, and so does ubuntu I think? Sorry, I am in high school.

It sounds like this project is a bit too much for a single, insufficiently experienced person.

My advice to you is, that you look for a smaller project, which can be actually done by yourself.


But does anyone know how to help me!

I just tried to help you help yourself.

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Sorry thanks, it is just this is really important to me and I believe in not giving up. I worked on this long enough and it is in beta testing because I am not fully ready to release it. I might just create a website search engine to be built to run on the default web browser so I can easily apply updates without interrupting anything. I think it will redirect on brave without showing the top search bar.

Okay, then you have no questions. Because the questions you asked are self-evidently answered, if you have the experience and knowledge to fulfill this project.

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